How Much Do Raid Shadow Legends Pay YouTubers?

In the ever-evolving world of online gaming, mobile apps have taken center stage. One such mobile game that has made waves in recent years is Raid Shadow Legends.” Known for its immersive gameplay and stunning graphics, Raid has garnered a massive following worldwide.

 Part of its success can be attributed to the strategic marketing campaigns it has employed, including partnerships with YouTubers.In the digital age, where gaming and content creation intersect, one burning question has piqued the curiosity of many: “How much do Raid Shadow Legends pay YouTubers.

 While the enigmatic world of YouTube gaming is filled with intrigue, today, we’ll dive deep into the realm of mobile gaming and influencer collaborations to uncover the secrets behind these lucrative partnerships.

YouTube has become a pivotal platform for gaming influencers, and many game developers recognize the value of collaborating with these content creators. But one burning question that often arises is, “How much do Raid Shadow Legends pay YouTubers.

 In this article, we will delve into the details of these partnerships, exploring the motivations behind them, the potential compensation involved, and the impact they have on both the game and the influencers.

The Rise of Raid Shadow Legends

Before we dive into the financial aspects of Raid’s collaborations with YouTubers, it’s essential to understand the game’s meteoric rise. Raid Shadow Legends, developed by Plarium Games, was released in March 2018. 

It quickly gained traction in the highly competitive mobile gaming market, thanks to its visually stunning graphics, intricate gameplay, and an expansive world to explore.

The game belongs to the RPG (Role-Playing Game) genre, where players collect and train champions to fight in epic battles. With a compelling storyline and a plethora of champions to choose from, Raid captured the attention of gamers worldwide.

However, success in the gaming industry isn’t solely based on a game’s quality but also on how effectively it is marketed. Raid Shadow Legends adopted a two-pronged approach to promote itself – leveraging traditional advertising and collaborating with YouTubers and influencers.

The Power of YouTube in Gaming

The Power of YouTube in Gaming

YouTube has evolved into a gaming powerhouse over the past decade. Gamers and gaming enthusiasts flock to the platform to watch gameplays, tutorials, reviews, and more. YouTubers have become influential figures in the gaming community, with millions of subscribers eagerly awaiting their content.

For game developers like Plarium Games, partnering with YouTubers offers a direct channel to their target audience. These collaborations can introduce a game to a vast and engaged viewership, leading to increased downloads and player retention.

The Motivations Behind Partnerships

Before discussing the financial aspect of Raid’s partnerships with YouTubers, it’s crucial to understand the motivations behind such collaborations. These motivations are often mutually beneficial for both the game developer and the content creator.

Exposure and Promotion

For game developers, partnering with YouTubers provides an excellent opportunity to promote their game to a wide and diverse audience. Influencers create content that showcases the game’s features, which can be far more engaging and persuasive than traditional advertisements. This exposure can significantly boost the game’s user base and generate revenue.

Credibility and Trust

YouTube influencers build trust with their audience over time. When a well-respected YouTuber endorses a game, their followers are more likely to trust the recommendation. This trust factor can be a powerful driver of downloads and in-game purchases.

Feedback and Improvement

Game developers can benefit from the feedback provided by YouTubers and their viewers. Reviews and gameplay videos often include valuable insights and suggestions that can help improve the game. Developers can use this feedback to refine their product and enhance the gaming experience.


On the flip side, YouTubers benefit from these collaborations by monetizing their content. Game developers may offer compensation, free in-game currency, or other incentives in exchange for featuring their game. This can be a significant source of income for popular gaming YouTubers.

Now that we understand why game developers like Plarium Games collaborate with YouTubers let’s explore the financial aspects of these partnerships, specifically focusing on how much Raid: Shadow Legends pays YouTubers.

Compensation for YouTubers

The compensation for YouTubers in their partnerships with Raid: Shadow Legends can vary widely. Several factors come into play when determining how much a content creator can earn from promoting the game. These factors include:

Subscribers and Viewership

One of the most critical factors that determine the compensation for YouTubers is the size of their audience. YouTubers with a larger subscriber base and higher average views per video generally command higher fees. This is because their content can reach a broader audience, resulting in more significant exposure for the game.

Type of Content

The type of content produced by YouTubers also influences their compensation. Raid Shadow Legends collaborations can take various forms, such as gameplay videos, reviews, tutorials, or sponsored streams. The complexity and effort required for each type of content can impact the payment offered.

Engagement and Influence

Engagement metrics, such as likes, comments, and shares, play a crucial role in determining a YouTuber’s influence. Content creators who have an engaged and active audience are more appealing to game developers. They can significantly impact the game’s success by driving user engagement and in-game purchases.

Negotiation and Reputation

Experienced YouTubers who have a reputation for professionalism and delivering quality content often have better negotiation leverage. They can secure more favorable compensation packages based on their track record and industry standing.

Duration and Commitment

The duration of the partnership and the level of commitment required also affect compensation. Short-term collaborations for a single video may offer a different payout compared to long-term partnerships that span multiple videos over several months.

A Look at Real Numbers

To provide a more concrete understanding of how much Raid Shadow Legends pays YouTubers, we can examine some real-world examples. Please note that these figures can vary widely based on the factors mentioned earlier.

Short-Term Promotions

For short-term promotions, where a YouTuber creates a single video featuring Raid Shadow Legends, compensation can range from $500 to $5,000 or more. This range depends on the YouTuber’s subscriber count, viewership, and negotiation skills. Smaller channels may receive the lower end of this spectrum, while established influencers can command higher fees.

Long-Term Partnerships

Long-term partnerships typically involve a series of videos or ongoing content creation over several months. Compensation for such collaborations can be more substantial, ranging from $10,000 to $50,000 or even higher. High-profile YouTubers with millions of subscribers have been known to secure six-figure deals for long-term partnerships.

Additional Incentives

In addition to monetary compensation, YouTubers may receive other incentives, such as in-game currency, exclusive champions, or promotional materials. These perks can add significant value to the partnership.

It’s important to note that the compensation figures mentioned above are ballpark estimates based on industry insights and examples. Actual payments can vary widely based on individual negotiations and the unique circumstances of each collaboration.

The Impact on YouTubers

Collaborating with a mobile gaming giant like Raid Shadow Legends can have a significant impact on YouTubers’ careers and finances. Let’s explore some of the ways in which these partnerships can benefit content creators:

Financial Gain

The most obvious benefit for YouTubers is the financial gain from their pay YouTubers. The compensation received can be a substantial source of income, allowing them to invest in better equipment, improve the quality of their content, and expand their channels.

Audience Growth

Partnerships with popular games like Raid can lead to a surge in subscribers and viewership for YouTubers. The exposure gained from featuring a trending game can introduce their channel to a broader audience, helping them grow their fan base.

Diversification of Content

Collaborating with different games allows YouTubers to diversify their content and cater to a wider range of interests within their audience. This can lead to increased engagement and viewer retention.

Professional Opportunities

Successful partnerships with Raid and similar gaming companies can open doors to more professional opportunities. YouTubers may receive offers for additional collaborations, sponsorships, or participation in gaming events and conventions.

The Impact on Raid: Shadow Legends

While YouTubers benefit from these collaborations, Raid Shadow Legends also reaps rewards from its partnerships with content creators. Here are some ways in which the game benefits:

Increased Player Base

Collaborations with YouTubers can lead to a significant influx of new players. The exposure generated through YouTube videos can drive downloads and registrations, expanding the game’s user base.

Higher Engagement

YouTubers can engage their audience in a way that traditional advertising cannot. Gameplay videos, tutorials, and reviews provide an in-depth look at the game, encouraging players to explore its features and mechanics more thoroughly.

User Retention

The trust and credibility that YouTubers build with their audience can lead to higher player retention rates. Gamers who start playing Raid because of a YouTuber’s recommendation are more likely to continue playing and spending in-game.

Feedback and Improvement

Collaborations with content creators can yield valuable feedback and insights that can be used to improve the game. Developers can address issues, make enhancements, and optimize gameplay based on player and YouTuber feedback.

Case Study: A Unique Perspective

To provide a unique perspective on the topic, let’s examine a specific case study of a popular YouTuber’s collaboration with Raid Shadow Legends. For this case study, we’ll focus on the partnership between YouTuber “GamerProMax” and Raid.

GamerProMax: Profile Overview

  • Subscriber Count: 2 million
  • Average Video Views: 500,000
  • Type of Content: In-depth game reviews and strategy guides
  • Engagement Rate: High, with an active and vocal community
  • Reputation: Known for providing honest and detailed game assessments

GamerProMax’s Collaboration with Raid: Shadow Legends

GamerProMax entered into a long-term partnership with Raid: Shadow Legends to create a series of in-depth videos about the game. The collaboration spanned three months and included the following elements:

    • Ten Gameplay and Strategy Videos: GamerProMax produced ten videos, each focusing on a different aspect of Raid Shadow Legends. These videos included champion spotlights, advanced gameplay tactics, and beginner’s guides.
  • Regular Livestreams: GamerProMax hosted weekly livestreams featuring gameplay sessions, Q&A sessions with Raid developers, and giveaways for his audience.
  • Exclusive In-Game Rewards: Raid provided GamerProMax with exclusive in-game rewards, including rare champions and premium in-game currency, which he could distribute to his viewers through special events.
  • Promotional Giveaways: To further incentivize his audience, Gamer Promax organized giveaways of gaming peripherals, such as gaming mice and keyboards, sponsored by Raid.

Compensation and Benefits

GamerProMax’s compensation for this collaboration included:

  • A flat fee of $30,000 per month for the three-month duration of the partnership.
  • A bonus of $5,000 for every additional 100,000 downloads of Raid Shadow Legends through his affiliate link.
  • Exclusive access to Raid’s development team for feedback and suggestions.

In addition to monetary compensation, GamerProMax received significant value from the exclusive in-game rewards, promotional giveaways, and the opportunity to engage directly with his audience through the livestreams.

Results and Impact

The collaboration between GamerProMax and Raid: Shadow Legends proved to be highly successful for both parties:


  • Financial Gain: GamerProMax earned a total of $105,000 in compensation over the three-month period, along with additional bonuses for download milestones.
  • Audience Growth: His subscriber count grew by 300,000 during the collaboration, and video views increased by 50%.
  • Diversification of Content: The Raid partnership allowed GamerProMax to diversify his content and attract a more extensive range of viewers.
  • Professional Opportunities: Following the Raid collaboration, GamerProMax received offers for similar partnerships with other gaming companies.

Raid: Shadow Legends

  • Increased Player Base: The game saw a significant increase in downloads during the collaboration, with over 1 million new players registering through GamerProMax’s affiliate link.
  • Higher Engagement: Player engagement metrics, such as daily logins and in-game purchases, showed substantial growth during the partnership.
  • User Retention: Players introduced to Raid through GamerProMax’s content exhibited higher retention rates compared to the average player.
  • Feedback and Improvement: The collaboration provided valuable player feedback that helped the development team identify and address various game issues.

This case study demonstrates the potential benefits and impact of a long-term partnership between a popular YouTuber and a mobile game like Raid: Shadow Legends. It highlights the synergy between content creators and game developers, where both parties can thrive.


How do you get paid by raid shadow legends?

You get paid by Raid Shadow Legends typically through sponsorship agreements if you’re a content creator or influencer.

How much does raid shadow legends pay for marketing?

The amount Raid Shadow Legends pays for marketing varies, often based on the reach and engagement of the marketing platform or influencer.

How much money has raid shadow legends made?

As of my last update, specific revenue figures for Raid Shadow Legends weren’t publicly disclosed, but it’s known to be one of the highest-grossing mobile games.

How much money spent on raid Shadow Legends?

The total amount of money spent on Raid Shadow Legends by players is not publicly disclosed, but it’s significant given its popularity and freemium model.


In the world of mobile gaming, collaborations between game developers and YouTubers have become increasingly prevalent. These partnerships offer mutual benefits, with YouTubers earning compensation and game developers gaining exposure, engagement, and user retention.

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