Most-Watched Super Bowl 2024 Ads: Tina Fey, Bradley Cooper, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mr. T and Scientology Land in YouTube’s Top 10

At the 2024 Super Bowl, Taylor Quick, Beyoncé and Usher absorbed the spotlight as the Kansas City Bosses became consecutive heroes with their extra time rout of the San Francisco 49ers.

Furthermore, obviously, the Super Bowl was again a scene for many promoters — who spent up to $7 million briefly spot in CBS’s broadcast — to attempt to get through on the noisiest night on television. Numerous advertisers utilized the reliable strategy of sending ritzy ads, a peculiarity portrayed by one promotion executive as “a big name weapons contest.”

As followed by YouTube, the No. 1 most-watched spot on Super Bowl Sunday was Tina Fey’s chance for, wherein the “Saturday Night Live” alum recruits “body duplicates” to envision various renditions of herself holiday. The promotion highlighted appearances by her “30 Stone” costars Jane Krakowski and Jack McBrayer, as well as Glenn Close, who imitated Fey in one of her dream travel appointments. (It’s a recurrent success for, whose Melissa McCarthy promotion last year was the most-seen Super Bowl promotion on YouTube.)

Bradley Cooper and Mother Return to Super Bowl Promotion List
Star power energized other highest level Super Bowl promotions on YouTube’s rundown, including the arrival of Bradley Cooper and his mother for T-Portable, trying out any semblance of Laura Dern, Normal and Jennifer Hudson for the remote transporter’s reliability program; Arnold Schwarzenegger experiencing difficulty conveying State Homestead’s “Like a Decent Neighbor” slogan in his thick Austrian pronunciation; Aubrey Court and Scratch Offerman rejoining to pitch Mountain Dew; and Mr. T dressing down Tony Romo for saying there’s no “T” in Skechers and feeling sorry for the dolt who doesn’t wear them.

Among film trailers in the Super Bowl broadcast, twentieth Century Studios’ “Realm of the Planet of the Chimps” and Widespread’s “Twisters,” featuring Glenn Powell and Daisy Edgar-Jones, arrived in YouTube’s main 10.

An unexpected on YouTube’s most-observed Super Bowl spots positioning was “Choose for Yourself,” from the dubious Church of Scientology. The 60-second Scientology business circulated just locally (not in the public CBS broadcast) but rather obviously still provoked boundless interest.

In the mean time, sees each hour on the formally YouTube channel of Usher — who played out the halftime show at Las Vegas’ Allegiant Arena — topped at in excess of multiple times higher on Feb. 11 contrasted and the Sunday earlier (Feb. 4), as indicated by the stage.

YouTube’s main 10 most-seen Super Bowl advertisements positioning estimated sees overall on game day (Feb. 11) from 12 a.m. ET for the rest of game (10:46 p.m. ET). On the whole, Super Bowl promotions posted on YouTube had in excess of 90 million perspectives on game day, producing more than 1 million watch hours, as per the web video goliath.

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