Why Does YouTube Shorts Keep Showing the Same Videos?

Why Does YouTube Shorts Keep Showing the Same Videos?

Have you ever found yourself endlessly scrolling through YouTube Shorts, only to realize you’re seeing the same videos repeatedly? It’s a shared experience that leaves many users scratching their heads, wondering why YouTube Shorts keeps showing the same videos.

In this article, we’ll dive into the reasons behind this phenomenon, offering insights and advice to enhance your viewing experience. Using the PAS (Problem-Agitation-Solution) copywriting formula, we’ll identify the issue, explore its impact, and provide practical solutions. Whether you’re a casual viewer or a content creator, understanding the workings of YouTube’s algorithm can transform your Shorts experience from repetitive to remarkable.

Why Do We See Repetitive Content on YouTube Shorts

Have you ever wondered why some videos cling to your screen like glue? This sticky situation is more than just a coincidence; it’s a carefully orchestrated dance by YouTube’s algorithm. The first piece of this puzzle lies in understanding user engagement. YouTube’s system is designed to prioritize content that keeps viewers engaged. If you’ve watched certain types of videos longer or interacted with them more, the algorithm interprets this as a sign of your preference, leading to similar content resurfacing.

However, there’s more to this story than meets the eye. The diversity of content is also a key player. YouTube’s vast library of Shorts is not evenly distributed across all genres or topics. Popular trends and viral content often overshadow niche or new material. This imbalance can result in a loop of similar videos dominating your feed, creating a sense of déjà vu with every scroll.

How Can We Diversify Our Viewing Experience

How Can We Diversify Our Viewing Experience

Is there a way to break free from the echo chamber of repetitive content? Absolutely! The first step is to engage with different types of content actively. By liking, sharing, or commenting on diverse videos, you signal your varied interests to the algorithm. This action is akin to planting seeds in a digital garden, with each interaction nurturing a more diverse content landscape on your feed.

Moreover, exploring lesser-known creators can be a breath of fresh air. Venturing beyond the realms of viral videos allows you to discover hidden gems, enriching your YouTube Shorts experience. These small steps can lead to significant changes, gradually shifting the algorithm in your favour and bringing a kaleidoscope of content to your screen.

What Role Does User Feedback Play in Content Curation

Did you know that your voice can steer the course of your YouTube journey? User feedback is a powerful tool in shaping the content you see. By utilizing features like ‘Not Interested’ or reporting irrelevant content, you actively participate in refining your feed. This feedback is a direct line of communication with YouTube’s algorithm, enabling you to mould your viewing experience to your liking.

Customizing your search and watch history can also influence the variety of content you encounter. By clearing or pausing your history, you reset the algorithm’s understanding of your preferences, paving the way for new and diverse content to surface. Your actions and feedback are the rudder guiding your Shorts voyage, steering you towards uncharted waters of fresh and exciting content.


Exploring the Influence of User Behavior

Why do YouTube Shorts keep showing the same videos? A critical factor is user behaviour. Your interactions with the platform significantly influence the content you’re shown. When you frequently watch or engage with specific types of videos, the algorithm interprets this as a preference and adjusts your feed accordingly.

This feedback loop often results in a narrow range of content, making it seem like you’re stuck in a repetitive cycle. To counteract this, consciously diversify your interactions with different types of videos and creators.

Impact of Watch History

Your watch history is like a roadmap for YouTube’s algorithm. It uses this data to understand your preferences and suggest similar content. If a particular genre or style dominates your history, this can lead to a loop of similar Shorts appearing.

Role of Likes and Comments

Engaging with content through likes, comments, and shares also plays a pivotal role. These actions are strong signals to the algorithm about your content preferences, contributing to the repetition of similar videos in your feed.

Exploring New Genres

Actively seeking out and engaging with new genres or less popular creators can significantly alter the algorithm’s perception of your interests, leading to a more varied and refreshing Shorts experience.

Algorithmic Tendencies and Content Overlap

Another aspect of why YouTube Shorts keep showing the same videos revolves around the inherent tendencies of YouTube’s algorithm and the overlap in content themes.

The algorithm tends to favour content with high engagement and similar themes, which can lead to overrepresenting certain types of videos in your feed. This overlap often creates an echo chamber effect, repeatedly promoting similar videos.

High Engagement Content

Videos garner high engagement, such as likes, comments, and shares, are more likely to be recommended. This can cause popular trends to overshadow other content, contributing to the repetitive nature of your feed.

Similar Themes and Trends

The algorithm often groups videos with similar themes or trends. This clustering can result in a lack of diversity in the content suggested to you, leading to a repetitive viewing experience.

Content Creator Influence

Content creators who consistently produce high-engagement videos in popular niches may also contribute to the feeling of redundancy, as their content is more likely to be frequently recommended by the algorithm.


Why do I keep seeing the same YouTube Shorts videos in my feed?

 YouTube’s algorithm often prioritizes popular and trending Shorts, leading to repetitive content in your feed.

 Can I customize my YouTube Shorts feed to avoid repeated videos?

 YouTube doesn’t offer complete customization, but you can influence your feed by interacting with different content types and channels.

 Does clearing my YouTube history help with repeated Shorts?

 Clearing your watch history may reduce repetition by resetting your recommendations, but it won’t guarantee entirely new content.

 Is there a way to report or provide feedback on repetitive YouTube Shorts?

 Yes, you can report repetitive Shorts through the video options or provide feedback to YouTube to help improve content diversity.


why do YouTube Shorts keep showing the same videos? It blends algorithmic preferences, user engagement patterns, and content diversity. Understanding and interacting with these elements can transform your viewing experience from monotonous to multifaceted.

Remember, your actions and feedback are powerful tools in shaping your digital landscape. Embrace the diversity of content, explore new creators, and use your voice to tailor your feed. With these strategies, every scroll through YouTube Shorts can be a journey of discovery and delight.

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