Who Is Ave On Youtube

With over 1.6 million loyal subscribers, Ave has clearly carved out his niche on YouTube. His videos dive into complex engineering concepts, disassembling products piece by piece to analyze their design. What makes his content so engaging is his subtle, deadpan humor and seemingly effortless ability to decipher intricate mechanisms.

Ave’s workbench is his studio, filled with drills, wrenches, vices, and tools to tinker with everything from electric scooters to power tools. His creations captivate us with their innovation and practicality. Who is the man behind the maverick inventions and wry wit? Ave’s viewers are still piecing together clues to better understand this mysterious mechanical mastermind.

How Did Ave Get His Start On Youtube?

Ave began posting videos on YouTube in 2011, focusing at first on taking things apart to see how they worked. One of his earliest viral videos involved disassembling a hybrid electric chainsaw. Ave methodically took the chainsaw apart, analyzing each component while interjecting his trademark deadpan jokes. The unique blend of engineering analysis and subdued humor resonated with viewers, setting the stage for his signature style.

As his channel grew, Ave expanded into more ambitious and intricate projects – reinventing tools, overhauling engines, and improving product designs. However, his commitment to breaking things down and rebuilding them in new ways remained at the heart of his content. Ave let his ingenuity direct him towards curiosities, using YouTube as a platform to learn hands-on while taking audiences along for the ride.

What Is Ave’s Background In Engineering?

While Ave avoids delving into personal details online, his advanced engineering skills suggest an extensive educational background. His innate understanding of complex mechanics points to potential training as an engineer, designer, or inventor. Ave’s knowledge spans electronics, robotics, power tools, and beyond. He dismantles products with ease, analyzes flaws, and devises innovative improvements.

Ave also displays in-depth knowledge of materials science, structural design, and manufacturing processes. His skills with machining, welding, and fabrication indicate years of hands-on experience. Ave thinks through problems methodically, weighing potential options before carefully executing solutions. His blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills enables him to transform initial ideas into fully-realized creations.

What Makes Ave’s Video Style Unique?

From his laconic delivery to his matter-of-fact visuals, Ave has an instantly recognizable video style. He gets right to the point in dismantling things, without distracting introductions or excessive explanations. Ave’s humor is woven subtly throughout, with wry jokes and tongue-in-cheek observations peppered in. Clever edits move the action along at an engaging pace.

Visually, Ave keeps the focus on the mechanics at hand. The camerawork highlights each step, with crisp close-ups of his tools and hands busy taking things apart. Ave’s relaxed voice provides context, often with priceless deadpan delivery. This focused approach reflects his engineering mindset – methodical, detail-oriented, and solution-driven.

Why Does Ave Resonate With Youtube Audiences?

Ave’s practical, no-nonsense approach offers a refreshing presence on YouTube. Viewers learn tangible mechanical skills and problem-solving techniques from his videos. Ave’s projects are also infused with creativity and fun, taking functional items and reinventing them in clever ways. From electric bikes souped up to go over 40mph to using a rotor to achieve inverted flight, his inventions awaken our imaginations.

Ave’s subtle dry wit and ironic delivery provide ongoing amusement. His videos are straightforward and well-edited, avoiding YouTube clickbait or overhyped drama. Perhaps Ave resonates because he represents the ingenious tinkerer in all of us, exploring ideas hands-on to see where they lead. We get to tag along for the ride, picking up fascinating insights along the way.

What Tools And Techniques Does Ave Frequently Rely On?

Ave has a well-stocked workshop with an array of tools that feature prominently in his videos. For taking things apart, he frequently utilizes screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, and vices to disassemble devices methodically. Ave also employs power drills, rotary tools, and saws to gain access to the inner workings of gadgets and machinery.

Once he digs into the guts of a product, Ave often uses magnifying lenses and inspection cameras to provide close-up views. He uses multimeters and oscilloscopes to diagnose circuitry and electrical issues. For fabrication and rebuilding, Ave has a full complement of machining tools – lathes, mills, grinders, and more. He also utilizes welding equipment, brazing torches, and soldering irons to reconstruct items. While Ave relies on both manual and powered tools, his ingenuity shines through above all.

What Motivates Ave To Take Things Apart And Rebuild Them?

Ave seems inherently driven by curiosity – wondering how things work and visualizing how they could potentially work even better. He has a passion for understanding mechanics down to their most fundamental details. Ave also appears motivated by problem-solving – identifying flaws or shortcomings in existing products and devising solutions through hands-on experimentation.

There’s also an element of whimsy and playfulness evident in Ave’s eagerness to pull things apart just to see what’s inside. He gets joy from gaining access to and understanding the hidden workings of proprietary objects. Ave channels his inner inventor by rebuilding devices in imaginative new ways. Ultimately, he just seems to relish any opportunity to roll up his sleeves and immerse himself hands-on in figuring out how things tick.

How Has Ave Impacted The Larger Youtube Community?

Ave has influenced many other creators on YouTube who focus on hands-on engineering projects, product reviews, and inventor-style content. His matter-of-fact delivery and workshop-style videos helped pave the way for similar channels blending information with irreverent humor. Ave also set precedents in how to film processes effectively – conveying key details through crisp editing, close-ups, and concise narration.

More broadly, Ave has nurtured a community of curious thinkers who get satisfaction from digging into the mechanics of how everyday items work. He reminds us of the sense of wonder we felt as children pulling apart toys or gadgets to peek inside. Ave exemplifies lifelong learning through taking on new engineering challenges just for the sake of greater understanding. Both his social impact and creative legacy continue to unfold.


who is ave on youtube

AvE (arduinoversusevil). He’s a Canadian engineer of some kind that mostly does tear downs of various equipment, commenting on their construction. He’s also a foul mouthed master of malapropism, but those things just add spice.

How Does AvE Look Like?

Answer: AvE keeps his personal identity private. In videos, he dresses simply in jeans, t-shirts and baseball caps while working in his shop. Only his hands and voice are revealed.

What type of content does AvE create?

Answer: AvE creates methodical teardown and repair videos of various machines and gadgets. With dry wit, he analyzes their engineering and offers improvements.

 What is AvE’s Occupation?

Answer: Though unconfirmed, AvE’s engineering expertise suggests he likely works professionally as an engineer, designer, or mechanic of some kind.


Ave has earned a substantial following on YouTube by blending engineering insights with unconventional humor. Through methodically dismantling objects and rebuilding innovative new creations, he reveals principles behind mechanical design while entertaining us along the way.

Ave embodies unbridled curiosity to understand how things work from the inside out. His offbeat videos offer more than practical advice ordry lectures – they showcase the joy of bringing ingenious ideas to life. While Ave himself remains something of an enigma, the legacy he leaves through his YouTube channel provides both inspiration and invaluable DIY knowledge to fans.

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